Hands On with 1MORE Headphones

In celebration of Christmas, as well as to thank their fans, 1MORE organized a party in concurrently in multiple places around the world yesterday. I attended the one here in Singapore and got the chance to test out some of 1MORE’s latest products.


There were two in-ear headphones on display: 1MORE’s famous Triple Driver, as well as the costlier Quad Driver. Both have metal housing, with the build quality we have come to expect from a 1MORE product. You will love them on first sight.

From my limited testing, both produce really detailed sound, but the Quad Driver had bass that was less punchy. A longer listening session may allow me to appreciate the Quad Driver more, but on my first impression, I prefer the Triple Driver.

Next up, we have the 1MORE Triple Driver On-Ear Headphones, whose design is absolutely stunning. Some may mistaken it for Mi Headphones, which are also designed and made by 1MORE.


The sound from this is very detailed and bass is prominent, deep and clean, but not to the extent where it is overwhelming. It will make you go wow when you first listen to it, and then wow again, when you find out that it costs just S$299.


The ear cushions and headband padding Triple Driver On-Ear Headphones is fairly thick. For a pair of on-ear headphones, these are actually pretty comfortable.

Now to the product everyone is waiting for: 1MORE’s Spearhead VR gaming headphones. The design of the Spearhead is clearly for gamers, dark and bold, with LEDs capable of 16.8M colors lighting up the 1MORE logo, retractable stick and circle accent.


Again, 1MORE doesn’t disappoint when it comes to build quality – the Spearhead’s frame is made out of stainless steal, with zinc alloy hinges. Volume can be controlled via a scroll wheel on the side. There is also a switch for turning off the microphone.


Comfort is very important if you are going to have a long gaming session. While the Spearhead is not exactly light, the ear cushions fits comfortably over my ears and the headband stretches really easily and fits my head comfortably.


The key feature of the Spearhead is Surround Sound 7.1, which only works when you plug it to your computer via USB and when you do so, it works really well. When not gaming on your computer, you can switch the USB cable for a 3.5mm audio cable.

The Spearhead has Environmental Noise Cancellation, picking up noise from the surrounding using microphones for active noise cancellation. The condition at the event wasn’t very ideal for testing this, so I will not comment on how well it does yet.


The Spearhead isn’t in Singapore yet, but it will be extremely soon, at a pricing that is very reasonable for a pair of gaming headphones that excels in so many aspects. (Not sure if I am allowed to share it so I will not, but trust me, the pricing is very good)

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