Hi there,

I started this blog with the aim of providing Singapore consumers with comprehensive and unbiased gadget reviews. I do not get paid a single cent to write the articles and products I review are either loaned to me or purchased by me.

I have been writing gadget reviews and articles since 2015, but under the moniker 7108×2659 on various forums. I shifted to this blog in June 2017 and since then, I have been actively publishing new articles every week over here.

Studying the smartphone industry since 2012, I have experienced a wide range of devices, across different brands and price range. It is my belief that no gadget is ideal for everyone and there is a need to review smartphones from multiple perspectives.

I hope you enjoy my weekly articles. Each takes hours to write and every product requires days of testing. Doing it all while serving NS is not easy, but I will do my best to improve the quality content and provide Singapore with better gadget reviews.

Yours Truly,

8K Guy