OPPO Find X Hands On

The most exciting smartphone (yet) of 2018 is now in Singapore! By now, you probably have heard of OPPO’s latest flagship device, the Find X, and it’s retracting cameras that automatically pops up when you need them.

OPPO Singapore invited me to attend their launch event and I was able to spend some time with the Find X. In this article, I will share my first impressions and try to answer the questions you may have about the all new OPPO Find X.



OPPO shocked the world back on 1st June when they teased that the Find series is coming back after a 4 year hiatus, hinting that the new device is “futuristic”. And indeed, the OPPO Find X is nothing like what have seen before. It’s design is fabulous!

The moment I saw the OPPO Find X at the event, I was shocked. OPPO’s official images for the Find X looks amazing, but the device looks even better in real life. OPPO Find X comes in 2 eye-catching colors: Bordeaux Red and Glacier Blue.


Like the OPPO R15 I reviewed earlier, lighting will affect how the color of the glass back appear. But unlike R15, the rear of OPPO Find X appear deep black in the middle, quickly transitioning to red or blue at the edges. This gives it a really bold look.


OPPO said that this was done through a 3D multifaceted color process. No idea what that means, but it is really cool. Unlike the OPPO R15, the glass back of Find X is curved on the sides, making the phone feel a lot thinner in the hand.

The curves doesn’t stop there: the crescent arc from OPPO R11s is back. It prevents your hand from blocking the bottom firing speaker when you hold it horizontally. This may be a small thing, but it shows that OPPO cares a lot about their designs.


Its SIM tray is also located at the bottom, inside the arc. OPPO has finally made the switch to USB Type-C on the Find X, but the 3.5mm headphone jack is gone, probably because OPPO has nowhere to put it. Why not place it on top? Good question.

This brings us to the second key feature of OPPO’s Find X. You may have noticed that the rear cameras are missing. They are actually hidden beneath the glass, together with the front camera setup, both which we will go into more details later.


Whenever you need the cameras, the sliding structure will pop up quickly, and then automatically retract when you are done. Cool right? OPPO says that it can be used for over 300k times, so there is no need to worry about the mechanism failing.

With the cameras hidden, OPPO was able to achieve 93.8% screen-to-body ratio on the Find X without needing a notch. The AMOLED display is curved at the sides like Samsung’s infinity display, again helping to make the Find X feel thin.


Overall, the OPPO Find X feels very slim in the hand and looks stunning under all lighting. It is the most elegant smartphone I have seen thus far and just the design alone can convince me to pick the Find X over any of this year’s flagship devices.

Front Camera

Using similar technology as the iPhone X, Find X’s camera is able to register your face in 3D. This is used for a couple of things, from really accurate face authentication to 3D beautify and even Omoji, OPPO’s take on Apple’s Animoji.


Many of today’s smartphones feature facial authentication for unlocking your phone, but their reliability can be questionable. Meanwhile, being able to read your face in 3D means OPPO’s Find X is able to recognize your face a lot better.

In the camera app, you can register a 3D image of your face and adjust the level of beautification for the 3D render of your face. Whenever you take a selfie and the front camera recognizes your face, it will apply the same level of beautification.


Lastly, we have Omojis, which is basically like Animoji where the cartoon animal or character mimics your facial expressions.


The 25MP selfie camera does a great job, with nice colors, though there is still room for improvement in terms of dynamic range. Below are selfies taken with the Find X’s front camera. Huge thanks to Michael Josh from GadgetMatch for the wefie!

Rear Camera

On the other side of the sliding structure sits a pair of cameras (16MP + 20MP) with OIS. It can intelligently identify the type of scene for the photo you are taking, food for example, and use that to make your photo look good.

From the time I had with the Find X, I was able to take a couple of shots with it around the event location. It seems to do a pretty good job, producing pleasing colors.

Here is a little surprise: all the photos of the OPPO Find X above, except for the one with the bottom view (taken with Redmi 5), are taken with another OPPO Find X.


Powered by the Snapdragon 845 with 8GB RAM no matter which variant you get, you can expect the OPPO Find X to be a beast when it comes to raw performance.

Super VOOC makes it’s debut on the OPPO Find X, but is only available on the 256GB model. It charges the Find X from zero to full in just 35min. Meanwhile, the 128GB variant still uses regular VOOC and charges fully from 0% in 100min.


ColorOS 5.1 comes with a couple of new features, but something I am not happy about are the new “ads”, though they are not as blatant as on MIUI. There is now a OPPO app store, as well as a “hot” apps recommendations on the home screen.

Pricing & Availability

OPPO Find X is available in 2 variants in Singapore. The 128GB variant will go on preorder starting 1st August for S$1198, available in both colors. Meanwhile, the 256GB variant with Super VOOC will go on sale at a later date for S$1399.


We waited 4 long years for the successor of the Find 7 and now that it is here, I will say the wait was worthwhile. With one of the most user friendly software and incredible hardware, the OPPO Find X may just be the best phone of 2018.

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