Mi Dual Driver Earphones Review

Xiaomi sells all kinds of products, from phones and power banks to mattresses and even furniture. Many of them are known for their modern design and incredible value-for-money, making Xiaomi the go-to brand for anything affordable and good.

Today, we will be taking a look at one of the latest products that Xiaomi brought into Singapore recently: the Mi Dual Driver Earphones. Retailing for S$29.90, it is relatively affordable, but is it any good? Without further ado, let’s get to the review.


Summary – Disappointing by Xiaomi’s Standards

Very average audio, poor build quality.


  • Right-angled 3.5mm audio jack
  • Produces loud audio
  • Great microphone


  • Poor build quality, feels cheap
  • Volume and play/pause button difficult to press
  • Too much emphasis on trebles, weak mids
  • Loses a lot of details

Design – Is This Really Xiaomi?

Exterior made entirely out of glossy and metal-looking plastic, edges are sharp and buttons are not nice to click.

The design of Mi Dual Driver Earphones is very different from what we are used to getting from Xiaomi, but not in a good way. In fact, its design and build quality is so disappointing in so many ways I cannot believe that Xiaomi made this.

Unlike most Xiaomi headphones we have seen, the body and volume controls of this is made entirely out of glossy plastic. Even the shiny metal-looking part feels a lot like metal-like plastic that you usually see on cheap low quality products.

If even the under S$15 Mi In-Ear Headphones Basic has a metal body, why is the Mi Dual Driver Earphones still using plastic? The last time I saw glossy plastic on a pair of Xiaomi headphones was on the original Mi In Ear Headphones Basics from years ago.

From the design, we can see Xiaomi cutting corners to reduce manufacturing cost. Edges, specifically at the metal-looking portion and ends of the volume control, are sharp. Also, buttons are thin and not very clicky, making them difficult to press.

I do like the fact that it has a right-angled 3.5mm connector, which reduces the likelihood of it getting damaged under pressure. But otherwise, the design and build quality of these earphones is not what one would expect from Xiaomi.


The earphones are pretty light and feels kind of hollow. This allows the Mi Dual Driver Earphones to sit pretty comfortably in the ears for long periods, but tugging it out from your ears is very easy and it also makes the earphones feel kind of cheap.

Sound Quality – Not Horrible, Not Impressive Either

Audio is loud, but lots of details is lost. A bit too much emphasis on trebles, underwhelming mids.

Design and build quality wasn’t too good, so most of the money must have went to making it sound better right? About that… If you are coming from a pair of similarly priced Xiaomi headphones, you wouldn’t be impressed by these.

Audio produced by the Mi Dual Driver Earphones sounded horrendous when I first used it, but it got a lot better after a while. They are pretty loud but loses a lot of details, compared to the 1M301 single driver in-ear headphones that I reviewed recently.


There is a tad bit emphasis on trebles, while mids and bass are a little recessed. Mids can feel a little underwhelming at times and compared to the 1M301, bass isn’t as deep and satisfying.

Overall, I would say the sound quality of these earphones is very average and doesn’t live up to my expectations of a Xiaomi product. At around the same price, Xiaomi has better sounding alternatives that are also much better built.

Microphone – Loud & Clear

Loud with a bit of echo effect, great for calls.

Audio recorded with the Mi Dual Driver Earphone’s microphone is loud and clear, though it does have a bit of an echo effect. This makes it awesome for phone calls and video chats, but not so much if you want to vlog or record yourself singing.

Conclusion – Not Recommended

Xiaomi sells great audio products but this is not one of them. Get something else.

Xiaomi, or more accurately 1MORE and TiinLab, makes great headphones that not only sound amazing but also look and feel premium. Unfortunately, Mi Dual Driver Earphones is not one of them and thus I will not be recommending it to anyone.


Don’t get me wrong. Compared to the competition, it is a decent pair of earphones. But why get it when Xiaomi has so many more options for you to choose from, most of which are better in almost every way? Makes no sense to get these.

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