Duck Warfare Mobile Game Review

Usually S$1.48 on Google Play Store, Duck Warfare is now free to install for a limited time. (Also available on iOS for S$1.48) It may be free, but is it worth your time? If you are reading this when the deal is already over, should you pay for it?

Get it here: Android / iOS

Game Mechanics – The Basics

Duck Warfare is similar in concept to games like Cartoon Wars and Garfield’s Defense, where you use money to summon troops to attack the enemy’s base, while protecting your base. In that case, why pay for it when the other 2 games are free?


Unlike the other 2 games series mentioned above, Duck Warfare has no in-game purchases nor ads, but it doesn’t stop there. This game is designed in a way that it is cute yet challenging, though with careful strategising, they can definitely be completed.

The in-game currency is called duck bucks*, which can be earned in two ways: obtain them from killing enemy troops or completing the stage. As mentioned earlier, there are no in-game purchases, so you cannot pay your way through the game.

*Not to be confused with money

With the duck bucks that you earn, you can spend them on new troop in the store. Each troop has a unique ability, like being able to teleport or having a lot of health points. Completing stages will unlock more ducks that you can buy in the shop.


Alternatively, you can use duck bucks to upgrade your four buffs, from maximum health to troop production speed. Some of the ducks are a waste of duck bucks, so it would be wise to skip them and spend the duck bucks on buff upgrades instead.


Stages are split into five per set, with the 5th always containing a boss. Completing each stage without losing health will earn you a star for that stage and getting all 5 stars in a set, all your new troops unlocked from that set will get buffed.

There are two type of troops: air and land. Unless stated in their abilities, they only attack troops/bases of the same type. You will have to plan carefully how you want to split your money between the two, which increases the difficulty of the game.


Game Mechanics – Enemy Troops & Bosses

Just like you, the enemy’s troops have different abilities. Each troop has a weakness, so study the behavior of each enemy troop to determine what troops you should summon to kill it. Using a combination of troops might be required in some cases.


Bosses in this game are really interesting. Each have a different ability, some I would never have thought of, and to defeat them, you will need a strategy. The strategy will be different for each boss, so the game stays fresh even at late stages.

For example, the first boss at stage 5 is the enemy base itself (a crane) and it will move towards you and throw your troops away once attacked. To defeat it, ensure that your money production speed is maxed out before your troops touch the crane.

8K Guy’s Review

The difficulty of this game gets progressively harder as you get further down the stages, but they are manageable, as long as you plan carefully. As mentioned earlier, Duck Warfare is not a game that you can pay to win; there is no shortcut in this game.

The things that really makes Duck Warfare different from similar games are the silly references and jokes laid out throughout the game, as well as the playful, cartoonish design. This is a challenging game designed with light-hearted elements.


As a bonus, the developers included a Flappy Bird mini-game, which you can access by tapping on Quacky Duck in the welcome menu. It is all of these small little details added together that make this game special and worthy of its S$1.48 usual price.


Conclusion – Worth Your Time and/or Money?

Should you install Duck Warfare on your phone? If you are looking for a game that will help you burn time, without you getting sick of it quickly, hell yeah! Even at its usual price on Play Store and App Store, I will highly recommend it to anyone.

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