Senyeek In-Ear Headphones Review

If you use both iOS and Android devices, you will probably understand the frustration when it comes to getting a pair of headphones for your devices. Most headphones come with volume controls that works for one or the other, but not both.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your headphone’s volume controls work for all your devices? If you think so too, the Senyeek In-Ear Headphones, available on for just ¥59, is the pair of headphones for you are looking for. Or is it?

Unboxing – A Great First Impression

The Senyeek In-Ear Headphones come in a brown cardboard box. sealed by a turquoise sticker. Tearing the seal and lifting the cover, we are immediately greeted with an instruction manual, made of paper with the same cardboard color. Sweet.

Wrapped within the instruction manual is a black carrying pouch containing the headphones, as well as two pairs of extra ear tips. To open the pouch, squeeze the two ends of the top. Release the two ends and it will close back up.


The carrying pouch’s material feels like balloons. The headphones look really well built on first impression; my only concern would be the cables, which are really thin and look really fragile.

Design – Not Your Normal S$12 In-Ear Headphones

Let’s begin with the reason I bought these headphones: the volume controls, specifically, a magic switch behind.

From the front, it looks like any other volume controls, but flipping it around, you will see something unusual. Apart from the microphone, there is a pin-sized switch, with faint Android/Apple icons beside. I wish the icons were more visible.


Using a SIM removal pin to slide the switch, you can switch the volume control’s compatibility between Android and iOS. I do wish it was slightly protruding though, so that you can change it on the go, without the need for a SIM removal pin.

Despite mainly built from plastic, the Senyeek In-Ear Headphones manages to look and feel amazing. I love how the metal plate, matte white and translucent grey plastic come together to create a really modern and clean look.


Sound – Can it Get Any Worse?

There is only one way to describe the Senyeek In-Ear Headphone’s and that is atrocious. Trebles are overpowering, bass sound more like noise and worse of all, vocals are recessed into the background.

No matter what genre you listen to, these sound horrible.

What about watching videos? Good enough, but that is all I can say. One thing I do like about Senyeek In-Ear Headphones is that it is really comfortable to wear and stays in the ears really well due to the unique ear tip design.

Microphone – Not Very Loud, But Decent Sounding

Unlike most of the headphones I have used in recent years, the Senyeek In-Ear Headphones has volume controls positioned at the cable intersection. This means that the microphone is pretty far from your mouth, a little concerning.

As expected, sound recorded via the microphone was rather soft, but still audible. The quality of the sound is pretty decent and you can hear it for yourself below.

Conclusion – Slightly Disappointed, But Looking Forward to Next Iteration

The Senyeek brought a really cool feature and an exciting design, only to be held back by poor sound quality. While this level of sound quality is not unusual for S$12 in-ear headphones, there are much better sounding ones like 1MORE’s Piston Fit.

Despite giving the Senyeek In-Ear Headphones a thumbs down, I really hope that Romoss will refresh the Senyeek headphones with better sound, while keeping the sleek design.

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